EPA Recognizes South Monmouth Regional Sewerage Authority for Excellence

Rep. Chris Smith (R-NJ) announced on Friday that the South Monmouth Regional Sewerage Authority (SMRSA) was honored by the EPA “for excellence and innovation within the Clean Water State Revolving Fund program.”

“I am pleased to announce that South Monmouth Regional Sewerage Authority has been recognized for its innovation in making its wastewater pump stations more resilient to large floods like in Hurricane Sandy,” Smith, who in 2013 helped SMRSA obtain a much-needed increase in its reimbursement from FEMA for its project works after Superstorm Sandy. For instance, one of the pump stations in Lake Como had been submerged in five to six feet of water in Sandy, subjecting it to damaging corrosion.

“By constructing three flood-resilient pumping stations—including two stations in large trailers that could be removed from flooded areas in natural disasters to avoid damage—SMRSA achieved a victory of innovation,” Smith said. The third station replaced an older station that was located in a 100-year flood zone.

“The South Monmouth Regional Sewerage Authority (SMRSA) is honored to be among the ‘Exceptional Projects’ listed by the US EPA’s Performance and Innovation in the SRF Creating Environmental Success (PISCES) program,” stated Ryan R. Krause, P.E., C.M.E., Executive Director of the South Monmouth Regional Sewerage Authority. “The SMRSA staff is driven by principles set by its’ forward-thinking board of commissioners. As part of the SMRSA’s asset management goals and objectives, it is hoped that these resiliency projects continue to mitigate future storm-related damages and allow the SMRSA to invest monies in other critical assets while maintaining stable use rates.”

The South Monmouth Regional Sewerage Authority’s pump stations were one of only 30 clean water infrastructure projects nationwide to be recognized by the EPA for excellence, as part of the agency’s Clean Water State Revolving Fund which provides low-cost financing to communities for water quality infrastructure projects. Smith co-sponsored the amendments to the Clean Water Act which created the fund.

Infrastructure projects of state or local governments, public utilities, and private entities were recognized by the EPA’s 2018 Performance and Innovation in the SRF Creating Environmental Success (PISCES) program.

In 2013, Smith personally appealed to FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate to approve a 90 percent federal share for FEMA funding going to Jersey towns to pay for cleanup costs—instead of the initially planned 75 percent. Fugate approved the 90 percent ratio several weeks later.

In November of 2013, the authority received a FEMA grant of over $2 million, a 90 percent share in the replacement of the Lake Como Water Pump Station destroyed by Superstorm Sandy; they had already received a FEMA grant of over $1 million to replace the Pitney Avenue Pump Station in Sea Girt.

The South Monmouth Regional Sewerage Authority (SMRSA) provides sanitary sewer conveyance and treatment for Monmouth County’s coastal towns of Belmar, Lake Como, Spring Lake, Spring Lake Heights, Sea Girt, Manasquan, Brielle, and Wall Township, all of which are in Congressman Smith’s 4thCongressional District.


In 2018, The South Monmouth Regional Sewerage Authority's Belmar Pump Station Replacement Project was recognized by the New Jersey Environmental Infrastructure Trust as their "Project of the Week".  To access Belmar Pump Station


In 2014, The South Monmouth Regional Sewerage Authority received the 2014 Governor's Environmental Excellence Award for the Innovative Technology Category. This award is presented to a nominee that demonstrates the use or deployment of a new or alternative method, procedure, process, system or facility, which results in greater environmental protection than other technologies in current practice or comparable results at lower costs in terms of energy, natural resources or environmental impacts.  To access Press Release.

The South Monmouth Regional Sewerage Authority (SMRSA) operates 11 sewage pump stations in Monmouth County. Its station in Sea Girt suffered repeat damage and outages due to storm flooding. In 2010, a project team designed a mobile enclosure to make the station more resilient to future storms. The mobile facility consists of two rooms: one for an emergency generator and one for electrical equipment. During storms the mobile facility is moved to higher ground while an expendable portable generator and transfer switch power the station. Once the storm subsides, the mobile facility is moved back in place and hooked up to the pump station. The mobile system minimizes damage, reduces plant down time, and lessens the potential of sewer overflows. SMRSA estimated $1.5 million dollars in savings since 2010 because there was no substantial damage to the Sea Girt station during Hurricane Irene and Superstorm Sandy. The design was deemed a best management practice by the Federal Emergency Management Agency.


In 2013, The Association of Environmental Association presented a WAVE Award to the South Monmouth Regional Sewerage Authority. After Sandy, Lake Como breached its banks, hitting two SMRSA pumping stations, inundating houses and businesses, and taking out sanitary sewer service to the towns of Spring Lake and Lake Como. Making matters worse, a Nor'easter was bearing down. SMRSA responded by designing, building and installing an emergency pumping station in just three days. Pumping water from the lake into the Atlantic, the station helped SMRSA restore sewer service, lower the waters of Lake Como and associated flooding in the community, and it provided on-going stormwater protection. The pump station remains in operation today.


In 2012, the South Monmouth Regional Sewerage Authority earned two Wave Awards. The first, "Energy Savers Award" for its recently commissioned Co-generation System uses biogas, a by-product of anaerobic digestion.  The system currently saves $270,000 annually in electricity as well as another $33,600 in annual natural gas savings. The Second Award won was in the “Forward Thinking” category for the redesign of a pump station located in a flood-prone area in Sea Girt.  The station is designed such that crucial equipment, which potentially could be damaged by floodwater, can be removed when a flood event is predicted.  This design enables SMRSA to avoid potential costly equipment loss while maintaining pumping capacity during flooding conditions.


In 2010, the Department of Labor and Workforce Development presented an award of merit to the Authority for working 80,360 hours without a lost time injury.


In 2009, recognizing the importance and value of employee health/safety and the significant component of workers compensation to its overall insurance expense, the Authority continues to stress employee safety and implemented numerous innovative practices and policies. As a result, the SMRSA earned an award for achievement in the prevention of occupational injuries by the State of New Jersey - Department of Workforce Development and was publicly recognized for the third consecutive year at the Governor's Annual Occupational Safety & Health Awards program.


Also in 2009, in recognition of SMRSA's efforts of adhering to strict comprehensive health and safety programs, the Authority was notified of its acceptance into the New Jersey Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program (SHARP). Receiving the award was a confirmation from the regulatory community that SMRSA was a proactive health and safety employer taking all appropriate actions necessary to insure the continued safety and health of staff.  The SMRSA received public acknowledgement from several officials, including former Governor Jon S. Corzine. The SMRSA also obtained recognition from the Commissioners of Labor and Workforce Development and Health and Senior Services at an awards ceremony and received a plaque acknowledging the SHARP status.


In 2002, the Monmouth County Water Resources Association, (a County Environmental Organization), awarded SMRSA the Joseph C. Irwin Good Citizen Award for Exemplary Effort Demonstrating Civic Responsibility and Good Citizenship for our environmental efforts.


In 2001, the SMRSA was recognized as a lead agency in the State of New Jersey for abating pollution and was cited by the United States Environmental Protection Agency as being the best Operated and Maintained Facility in its Region II.